How to Beat the Winter Blues

The holidays are over and a new semester is about to begin. As we get into the gray days of Winter, it’s common to feel a little down—especially if you’re on a campus that doesn’t get much sunshine. We have a few fun ideas to give you a mood boost as you start a new semester.

Join a new club or activity.

Second semester might feel extra long as you count down to summer, but adding a new activity or club to your schedule is a good way to change things up. Explore the activities available on your campus. You’re likely to meet new people and gain some experience too.

Take a stay-cation.

Sure, maybe you can’t jet off to Aruba every time you’re feeling blue, but you can have a mini stay-cation. Set aside some time to relax. Whether that’s dining somewhere new with friends, exploring your college town, or chilling out at a movie or museum. Sunscreen not required.

Get active.

You might be surprised at how much energy you have when you increase your activity levels. Try to fight the “It’s too cold to workout” mentality and hit the gym, take a yoga class, or bundle up and go for a walk. Exercise releases endorphins, which makes you happy!

Chat with a friend.

Next time you’re down, pick up the phone. Call someone who cheers you up, whether that’s a friend from high school, your brother or grandmother, and have a quick chat. You don’t necessarily have to vent about what’s making you sad; a little catching up is all it takes to improve your mood.

Embrace it.

You can’t wish summer here, so embrace the season! Have a snow ball fight, drink hot cocoa, play hockey or ice skate! Changing your mentality from negative to positive can brighten your outlook. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?


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