How To Beat The Winter Blues

The weather is getting more and more dreary bringing cold days, minimal sun, and chilling winds.  It’s no surprise that gloomy days bring out funky moods in just about anyone! Here’s how you can get through these chilly months and feeling blue:

Get some fresh air

Contrary to what some may think, going outside in the wintery weather can actually be refreshing and give you a surprising boost of energy! As long as the temps are above freezing and you’re bundled up try heading outside for a stroll or go ice skating/sledding with friends!

Hang out with friends

Sometimes staying inside to sleep or catch up on some TV is the only thing you want to do during the winter months. But in order to keep a healthy mind and attitude it’s important to socialize and engage with others!

Do something that makes you happy

For this dog having fun is running in the snow but for you it might mean picking up a new hobby, spending some time reading, or doing something active!

Take seasonal disorders seriously


A mix of feelings of depression and lack of motivation might seem normal during the winter season but if you ever feel it is unbearable or debilitating seek help. There is actually a name for this called, Seasonal Affective Disorder, so don’t let others convince you that it’s no big deal!  Part of the treatment can be a light box which is portable and has fluorescent tubes for the individual to sit in front. It offers bright light, comparable to sunlight and can work wonders! You can even buy one of these on Amazon!

Take precautions to keep from getting sick

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No one likes feeling sick especially during the cole winter months, where it seems to heighten those effects. Therefore make sure to wash your hands, sanitize, and stay away from sick people yourself if you can help.

Let us know if you have some winter blues tips of your own! You can share them with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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