How Classrooms Are Changing

School has changed a lot since your parents were kids! Here’s how.

The Front of the Class

board comp

There was a time when “Alright, class, copy these notes’ meant looking to chalkboards, dry erase boards, and overheard projectors. But now we have SMART boards, which are large interactive tough boards connected to wifi.


library comparisonWe’ve all heard – “When I was your age we used to go the library.” We still visit the library, but the internet gives a quicker means of finding information. Google is everyone’s go-to brainiac, right?


computer comparisonComputers have come a long way! We are no longer tied to a plug at the wall anymore. They can be as light as 3 pounds! Tablets may soon replace the typical laptop, with their smaller size and detachable keyboards. Soon every student is going to carrying around his or her own Chromebook or tablet.


books comparison

Nothing compares to the weight of lugging around books from class to class. We’ve gone from dragging around multiple, 5-pound books to 1 iPad or Kindle that carries e-books. Chiropractors, beware, you might be going out of business!


notes compGone are the days of passing notes in class. We’re texting and tagging friends on Instagram now! Instead of standing in front of the room reading a note, the fate of your phone’s at stake if you get caught.

Take a second to think how far technology has come.  And just imagine how ancient what we have now, will seem to our kids!

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