How a Mission can Benefit your Education

Think about what’s going on in school. Trips, traveling sports teams, athletic fees, textbooks, graduation expenses, club dues, new computer, tuition bills…

Phew… that’s a lot.

That’s why we created the Mission platform—so students can share these dreams, goals, and small expenses with family and friends who want to help out. It’s an easy way for students to crowdfund online or fundraise through their social network and ask for financial aid for all of those extra educational expenses.

Do you have a school trip to Washington DC coming up? Have to buy textbooks for that Geology course? Is your soccer team getting new uniforms? Sorority dues? These are all potential Missions!

Here’s a list of some other Missions that may be on your radar.

– Tech equipment like a new laptop, ebook readers, tablets…
– Tutoring and test prep classe
– Sports team fees and sports equipment
– Traveling to a tournament, meet, competition
– Summer camps like cheerleading, band, basketball, field hockey, acting, etc. etc
– Club dues
– School field trips
– Studying abroad
– Textbooks and school supplies
– College app fees
– A school organization or club team you are part of
– Creative projects like a film school short, off campus theater productions, school plays, art projects…
– Fraternity and Sorority Dues
– Fundraisers for a charity like Dance Marathon and Relay for Life

Want to make your mission even more successful? Be specific and honest.  Add a detailed description to tell potential donors why your mission is important to you and how you will use the funds.  If they understand how valuable it is to you, it’s more likely they will donate to your Mission and share it with others.

If you need more tips or ideas, email us  Good luck!

Meghan & Melissa Davis



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