Highlights Of The 2014-2015 School Year

We have gathered some of our favorite moments from this past 2014-2015 school year! Have a look at what students from around the world are accomplishing, how they’re making a positive impact, and just having a good time all around.

Hard Work Pays Off

Gac Filipaj, Columbia University


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Gac Filipaj achieved graduating from Columbia University with a classics degree after 12 years of working as a janitor and studying at night.

Brandi Moore, Harvard University


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Humble first-generation college student Brandi Moore was able to choose among 5 Ivy League universities. We were able to find more than 9 other students also accepted into multiple Ivy League schools!

Making A Difference

College Students, Across The Country‏


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College students from all over the nation had the opportunity to combat sexual assault with university staff and local legislators. These students attend University of California, Santa Barbara, Duke University, University of Virginia, and many more.

Just For Fun

Shiobhan O’ Dell, North Carolina


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This student decided to write a rejection letter to Duke University after receiving  a rejection letter. Her response even resulted in an email from the Office of Admissions.

Konner Suave, East Valley High School


HM 5


Valedictorian Konner Suave organized an anonymous Instagram account to post kind words about fellow classmates. He continued this gesture for 43 weeks.

Colin Yost, Portsmouth High School


HM 6




Valedictorian Colin Yost organized a “Shake It Off” flash mob for the graduation ceremony. Over 230 graduating students followed his lead.

Overcoming Obstacles

Stephanie Saey, DePaul University


HM 7



Stephanie Saey was able to tackle an eating disorder after taking a year off from school.

Josh Yandt, London


HM 8



Using the simple gesture of opening doors, Josh Yandt acquired a more positive outlook on his life. His efforts inspired his classmates to participate in this simple act!

Pulling Your Heartstrings

Mitchell Marcus, Coronado High School





High school students Jonathon Montanez and Mitchell Marcus made international news with their kind story of sportsmanship.


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