High Schoolers: Who To Ask for a College Recommendation Letter

When going through your college application checklist, you probably noticed that many colleges require you to send about two recommendation letters. Who should you ask? Who will give you the recommendation you’re looking for? Here are three kinds of people we suggest.

1. Someone who challenged you.

Do you have a teacher that was tough on you? Someone who really put your skills to the test? Ask them for a recommendation. It might seem strange, but they’ve seen you at a time when you overcame an obstacle. They’ll tell prospective schools about your tenacity and potential.

2. Your Extracurricular Leader

Whether you were in drama or on the soccer team, you may want to ask your coach or leader to give you a recommendation. They got to see you shine outside of the classroom and have had the opportunity to get a better sense of your personality. Plus, they got to see you explore a passion.

3. The Person You Were Closest To

When you think about your high school education, who was the teacher, counselor, or faculty member that you were closest to? That person will be able to tell the school why you are exceptional, why you stand out, and give more insight into your future plans. Since you’ve probably known them for some time, they’ll know your strong points.

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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