How to Avoid Multi-Tasking & Focus on One Thing at a Time

Recently, we have gone from watching TV to watching TV while studying, Facebook-ing, Instagram-img, eating, and texting. It is obvious to most of us that we are serious multi-taskers! But who cares right? We are getting more things done in the same amount of time it takes to do one thing! It’s efficient isn’t it? While all those things may be true, multi-tasking is not effective! Multi-tasking can easily be defined as taking away time and effort from one task and allocating that time and effort into a series of other tasks! Here are some tips on how to avoid getting off task:

1. Focus more on the important things first.

If there is an exam tomorrow and you think you can get some studying done in front of the television screen, you’re right, but you can get more studying done if you turn off the television and simply focus on the task at hand! By putting more effort into studying, you will get more out of it (AKA- A higher grade on your exam!). TV shows will be there tomorrow, focus on the important things first!

2. Music, TV, Social Media, Text Messaging: OVERLOAD!

No one can simply sit down and watch a television show these days. It is nearly impossible to fight the urge to pick up your phone and use it! Whether it be for texting a friend, liking a picture or post, or even downloading some music, we are unable to ignore that “itch” for technology! And then we wonder why this generation is so stressed! Well here is the reason: We are overloading on technology! If you are feeling yourself getting stressed out or getting off the task at hand, try being away from your phones for a while! Put it on the charger, not too far away (because we all know about that “itch”) but just far enough to let you concentrate on what needs to get done.

These tips may help you multi-task less, but it will also help you get control over things that need to get done. Prioritizing what you need to get done is the best way to keep from getting off track. Also, maybe multi-tasking a little less will help you relax and open your mind a bit and who knows what can come from that!

Happy “ennouncing”!

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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