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We’re deep into graduation season, and whether you’re graduating from high school or college, we’re sure you’re feeling excited (and probably a bit nervous) about taking the next step. We have a few pieces of advice for you as you move on and up in the next segment of your education or career.

1. Get comfortable with the unknown.

You might be sitting at your graduation ceremony thinking, “I have no idea what I’m going to do next.” It’s perfectly normal and okay for you to feel this way. Nobody has it all figured out, and not knowing exactly what’s coming next could bring up opportunities that you never thought about before.

2. Be resilient.

Change is hard. And with change comes new challenges. Starting new classes, living in a new place, finding a job, and making new friends don’t always come easy. Understand that you’re going to face hard times, rejection, and uncomfortable situations, but don’t let it affect your spirit. It makes you a better person.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Just because you’re starting a new part of your life doesn’t mean you can’t ask others to help you. Your parents, friends, roommates, teachers, and even co-workers can provide a support system for you as you make a transition. Many or all of them have been in your shoes before and can provide you with some guidance. That’s why you have your Followers on to reach out to for words of wisdom!

4. Don’t rush things.

You might not be exactly where you want to be after graduation. You might not be at the ideal job, in the school you were hoping for, or in your dream career field, but that doesn’t mean you never will be. It takes time, so don’t try to rush things—that’s unrealistic. Instead, do the best you can in the place you are and strive for the goals as you gain experience.

Good luck.

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