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Study Abroad? Yes You Can!


Discover a new country, a new culture and a new lifestyle? With globalization now a day, the world is more connected than ever, and people from all around the world get together and learn from each other. Every student wants to study abroad and get the chance to discover an unknown place, open his mind to new ideas and concepts!
But as much as it is a great experience and an amazing opportunity it is also really expensive, and most of the students can’t afford it.

As we don’t want money to be the barrier that hold you back to reaching your dreams, our sponsor “Abroad 101”, provides a scholarship to one of our GoEnnouce members every week! Yes you read correctly, there is a winner EVERY week!

Here is how you become eligible for this Abroad 101 Scholarship and get one step closer to realizing your dream:

● Create a fundraising Mission and make sure to choose the ‘study abroad” option under “category”

● Have a very detailed description of your study abroad trip. When filling the description try to write about why you want to study abroad? Why does it have to be in this specific country? How is it going to benefit you and your future?

● Make sure to have a detailed description of the program and of what exactly is going to be done? When and for how long?

● Abroad 101 wants to know that you are really passionate and dedicated to reach your goal. Therefore, to have prior donations is important too because it shows that you made some efforts and that you are working hard on reaching your goal.

You did everything? Guess what, you might be our lucky WINNER of next week! If it was someone else last week, why couldn’t it be you next week?

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