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How to setup your profile on GoEnnounce

1. Your Profile photo and making a great first impression!

The first thing that people will see when they view your GoEnnounce Page is your picture! So the first impression that someone will have about you depends on this picture! How do you want people to see you ? What first impression do you want to give them? When someone looks at your picture, it only takes less than 1 second to already have an impression or idea about you. Make sure you have an awesome photo so that you show your best side! Read our blog with 5 important tips on how to make a stunning first impression with your profile picture!

2. “About Me” – Introduce yourself and share who you are!

 Under the Edit Profile section you can tell your followers about you. It’s the perfect place to say who you are, what you like, why you like it and what values it made you believe in. You can also write about your future plans, what you want to achieve, what it means to you and how you think that you will make it happen. Dream big and never give up! Be sure to write everything as if you are explaining yourself to a complete stranger, because you never know who you might want to share your profile with in the future and you want them to understand more about you.

3. “Awards, Interests, & Activities” – You’re involved in so much, track everything!

Playing the piano, being part of the choral, being an athlete, an artist, doing volunteer work…You’re involved in so many things and your followers want to know what you’re up to! Start now and track your activities by adding them to your Profile on GoEnnounce. Just think of when you’ll be in 12th grade, you’ll be surprised to see all the extracurricular that you were a part of.

4. E-nnouncements –  You do awesome things, share them!

The “how to’s” of writing a compelling e-nnouncement is important. Here are some tips to follow in order to make sure that you’re e-nnoucement is perfect!

Your e-nnouncement can only include 1 attachment. It’s important to pick one file, photo, or video that creates the BEST representation of what you’re e-nnouncing. Your attachment by itself already says a lot, just add good short description to it. If you don’t have an image, you can write an e-nnoucement with a longer description. But always go right to the point, sharing your recent accomplishment or progress update. Ask for advice if you need it! Your Followers are there to give you feedback and will enjoy helping you along the way.

Read more tips about making great e-nnouncements here


Now that your Student Page is off to a GREAT start, it’s very important to remember that you need to continue adding to your Student Page as you accomplish new things and join new activities. If used regularly, your Student Page creates an awesome digital representation of who you are as a student and it’s your own URL to use! Plus, you will never forget anything you have participated in!

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