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Are you a good digital citizen?


Have you ever felt like you weren’t on control of everything that is about you on the web? Are you sure that you are creating the best digital footprint you can?

Take our digital citizen classes and become a certified digital citizen!
Our fun 6 classes are awesome and here is why :

● It will only take you around 1.5 hour to go through all the lessons and you can stop and start the classes whenever you want!

● Don’t worry, the classes are fun and interesting. You will watch videos of students just like you talk about some of their experiences in the digital world. You may have experimented similar experience than him and be able to relate to them!

● You will learn about the risks and the benefits that you can encounter by being active on the web. Videos with real life examples will be shared with you and you’ll discover things you had never even thought about before!

● Quizzes and assessments will also be part of the classes that you take and they will help you realise if you are aware of what a good digital citizen should or shouldn’t do.

Once you completed successfully all the classes you will get a badge that will prove that you are officially a certified digital citizen! Ready? It’s your time to prove that you’re an awesome digital citizen and get this badge!

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