Get Motivated to Volunteer with Heartwarming News Stories

By: VolunteerSpot

Summer is approaching, which means you will finally have three-months of freedom from studying and homework! Naturally, the decrease in responsibilities and increase in warm weather makes it a little harder to stay active and motivated to work or partake in activities to build up your resume. Summer break is the perfect time to build up those volunteer hours with a cause that you are passionate about.

How can we get motivated to help others during a time of beautiful weather that makes us want to lounge by the pool?  To help students maintain interest in the importance of volunteering, VolunteerSpot does a monthly compilation of all the ways people are helping others and making the world a better place. Check out  May’s Feel Good News here!


VolunteerSpot‘s free online sign-ups and scheduling tools make it easy for anyone to organize the people and projects in their life. Planning a service project with friends? Tracking your volunteer hours for school? Try today.

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