Get Experience this Summer.

 The weather is warming up and the school year is winding down… that’s right—that means summer vacay is just around the corner! Before you grab your shades and head to the beach for two months, consider some other options for your free time.

Summer is the perfect chance to get some work experience under your belt. Here are four ways to use your vacation for more than just working on your tan, and working on your resume instead.

1. Find an internship.

Start searching for summer internships now if you haven’t already. There are plenty of organizations that could use a student’s help for a few months. Intern Match is a good place to start looking. Make a list of some organizations interest you and check their website for openings or a contact person. Don’t forget GoEnnounce is looking for summer interns! Learn more here. 

2. Get a job.

If you can’t afford to stick it out in an unpaid internship all summer, get a job that can give you some real world experience. Whether that’s cashiering at a local store, waiting tables, or working at a summer camp, it’s great to get some work skills that could put you ahead when you graduate. And lifeguarding is an option for you beach bums!

3. Start your own business.

Be an entrepreneur this summer and start your own biz. Maybe you have a knack for making jewelry, or a fabulous dog walker. Put together a business plan and start making it happen. You never know where it might lead you!

4. Volunteer

Another good option is to spend your summer doing good! Seek out volunteer programs through local charities, youth groups, or churches in your community. Not sure where to look? can help you find some options.

Tell us—what are your summer plans?

Meghan & Melissa Davis

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