Funding the Future

By: CJ Murphy

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I have to transfer schools.  I lost a good portion of my financial aid, and I just can’t afford to go to American anymore,” said my best friend before the school year started.  He was an incredible student and leader.  He always made the Dean’s List.  He was a member of the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program and the club soccer team.  He had so much pride in his school.  I was heart broken that such a dedicated and deserving student had to compromise his education and potential due to financial barriers.  From that point on, I was determined to ensure that this wouldn’t happen to any more students.

By researching the issue of financial aid and the detrimental effects of student debt, I realized how many students are impacted nationwide.  However, I also realized that no grant or scholarship money could solve this problem due to the way FAFSA determines a student’s need.  To help students alleviate the burden of financing college and increase their academic opportunities, I had to look to unorthodox methods of funding education.

To help decrease the financial burden of funding college, I created a website, called Funding The Future, that allows students to make student profiles to attract donors or “Change Makers” for their education. The student profiles, which are powered by GoEnnounce, include information such as education, employment, academic interests, career interests, leadership roles and extracurricular activities.  Students can use these profiles to attract donors or Change Makers for their college education, such as family and friends.  Also, outside Change Makers are driven to the site to browse through various profiles and build a deeper connection with the students.  Once they’ve chosen a student to donate to, there is a link that allows them to make a secure donation.  This donation is added to a student’s account and processed like a personal check.  This ensures that a student’s financial burden decreases without affecting their eligibility for financial aid.

Each profile created and each donation given help provide students with opportunities after graduation.   At Funding the Future, we believe that education is not a luxury; it is an investment in a brighter future, and we think that’s worth funding.

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