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What is GoEnnounce useful for? What can I do with my profile?



  • Be a step ahead in the game and start creating your resume now

How much of what you do in your life right now will you remember the day that you make your college application? GoEnnounce can help you track all of your the accomplishments you are most proud of in just a few easy steps, including your athletic, artistic or volunteer work achievements. Just by continuously updating your Student Page, you are taking big steps toward a bright future!


  • E-nnounce, track & share year after year

You do awesome things and people want to hear about them! With GoEnnounce you can share all of your academic and extracurricular progress and accomplishments with your parents, your teachers, your coach and show them what you have been up to! And it’s easy like 1-2-3, download a picture or a video, add a sentence to it and it’s done! It will also allow you to track your accomplishments year after year and show how active you are.


  • Network, the key to success

Networking and social media are two really important tools in today’s world. With GoEnnounce you can learn how to network and your followers can become your mentors. Mentors should be people that can advise you, reward you and that want to know what you are accomplishing. People like your teachers, parents, uncle or aunt would all be proud of you and of what you have achieved.


  • Access scholarships, go for your dream!

It has never been easier to apply for a scholarship! Guess what, all you have to do is go under Go Opportunities, register, apply, be active on your account, and you’ll become eligible to win a scholarship. It doesn’t depend on your GPA or grades either. Different scholarships exist, our favorite one is the GoEnnounce Monthly Scholarship, you can win $500 every month according to the quality of the e-nnouncements that you share. What are you waiting for?


  • Become a certified digital citizen and win a badge!

Go under Go Classes and watch students share their experience on the internet with you, learn about fun and interesting facts and stories. The digital citizen courses show you the rewards of safe behavior to have when you’re on a social media and test your digital citizen knowledge! And guess what ? If you make it through all the courses, you will receive a badge that proves that you are a certified digital citizen.


  • Create a Mission and reach your goals!

Buying a new laptop? Going to Paris with your french class? Purchasing new school books? Your followers want to help you reach your mission goal! Create your own personal mission, chose an amount, a deadline and share with your followers to receive donations. To fundraise for educational goals or expenses has never been so interesting and fun! Go try it now!


  • Build your own URL with your GoEnnounce Page and shine on!

Your future employer, university administrator or coach all have their eyes on you already! Your digital footprint has already started and what you do or post right now can affect your future. Decide what you want them to see when they type your name on the internet and impress them! Your GoEnnounce Page is your own URL, you can share it and use it as you want, take advantage of it!

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