Enriching Summer Opportunities For Students


Summer brings about a level of relaxation and freedom unobtainable during the normal school year. But with all this free time, how do you keep from getting bored? The time to plan is now, before school ends. Here are some ideas and resources for using your time to improve yourself.

Summer Camps

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Summer camps are a great opportunity to pick up a new skill or work on an old one. You can also meet new people with similar interests and make great friends. Summer camps are located throughout the country, and can be during the day or away for weeks. To find camps near you, visit Noodle or check out the options our friends at Thrively have to offer here. Both of these resources are super easy to use, letting you find camps based on activities or location. Do you enjoy working with children more than attending camp? You can find a job working at a camp over the summer.

Your Local Library

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Libraries aren’t just for books (although if you are into reading, check out some of our suggestions here). Many local libraries also hold events during the summer, like crafts or fan group meetings. To find out what’s going on at your local library visit: http://www.publiclibraries.com/ . The libraries are grouped by state and county, and from there are linked to the library system’s website.


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Why not put some of those extra hours you’ve got to good use? Volunteering not only looks fantastic on applications, you’ll feel joy out of helping others. Almost any interest on talent you have could be used to help someone. Love to cook? Why not volunteer in a soup kitchen? Love animals? Your local animal shelter could be the place for you. Want to take advantage of the warm sun and the great outdoors? Participate in a local park clean-up. Be it a local charity or a multinational non-profit, they can always use some helping hands help. This resource will match your interests with a group that will benefit from them.


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Internships are a fantastic way to learn more about a profession and gain hands on experience. To find an internship that suits you, search here.  Need more reason to apply for an internship? Read what Hannah (one of our very own GO student bloggers) thinks about internships and summer jobs.

Online Courses


You learn something new everyday, right? Why not take the initiative and sign up for an online course? Udemy is your spot for finding a class that’s right for you. There are classes on virtually any subject you can think of, ranging in prices (some are even free) and skill level. The best part? You can access them on the go on your favorite devices.

Want to know more about online courses? Check our blog in a couple weeks for our next post.

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