E-nnouncing Our June Scholarship Winner!

Our “GoEnnounce Yourself” Scholarship awards one student $500 each month! This award goes to a student who’s doing a great job showcasing who he/she is by sharing school related “ennouncement” updates with Followers on his/her GoEnnounce Student Page.  We are pleased to “ennounce” June’s winner…the multi-faceted Navpreet Khabra!

Recent high school graduate from Tennyson High School, Navpreet will be heading to University of California-Santa Barbara this coming fall! During high school, Naverpreet was part of the AVID college readiness program, which has gotten her prepared and excited to tackle her major in Environmental studies at UCSB. She also has an interest in Economics and Statistics, and hopes to explore possible career pathways for those subjects (maybe even double major!).

It seems only fitting that Navpreet wants to major in Environmental Studies, as she is extremely interested in many things involving the outdoors. During high school, she was President and Founder of the Go Green Club, Publicity Representative of the Outdoor Adventure Club, member of the Students In Action Community Service Club, and bike riding is one of her favorite hobbies!

Navpreet loves using her GoEnnounce Student Page and has done a great job keeping all of her Followers  in the loop with what’s going on in her life. She’s been “ennouncing” exciting news such as an internship she secured at the Almeda County Fire Department in their Community Outreach Department, how she’s getting ahead with her college credits by taking online summer courses, a recent community service fundraising event she organized for the Go Green Club, and how her and fellow classmates created a virtual game for their stock market project! Interested in finding out more about Navpreet? Visit her impressive Student Page here!

Want a chance to “GoEnnounce Yourself” and win a scholarship too?  Learn more and enter here!

To all of our previous applicants – don’t worry if you didn’t win this month you still have a chance to be selected next month! Just keep “ennouncing” and inviting all of your relatives and friends to follow your education. We choose one student on the 10th of every month.

Good luck.

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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2 thoughts on “E-nnouncing Our June Scholarship Winner!

  1. Congrates on the scholarship!!! Now if can just get one. I can never win one no matter how much ive tried.

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