E-nnouncing December’s Scholarship Winner!

Ennouncing December’s “GoEnnounce Yourself $500 Scholarship” Winner!

Each month, we award a “GoEnnounce Yourself $500 Scholarship” to one student who did the best job defining themselves as a student using GoEnnounce.com.

So we’re excited to “ennounce” December’s winner… the amazing Amanda Ugarte.

Amanda is a junior at Oasis High School, where she is exploring her many talents—from dance, to poetry, running, and guitar. She’s also the President of the Environmental Club, a part of the Raider and Drill Team, Oasis Shark Battalion, and a member of the SKD Youth Group and Choir.

We admire Amanda’s generosity with her time. She’s a volunteer superstar, spending much of her time helping others. She even won the “Do The Right Thing Award” in 2013.

Amanda plans to take her passion for activism and earn a Masters degree in social work.

“There are so many causes I am very passionate about helping with, other than simply the environment, such as abortion or human trafficking. To lead any of these issues as a leader to stand up for what is morally wrong would be an honor and I intend to find a cause that has stood out in my path, proceed on with it to my highest ability and make a difference in the world. For the people or animals that truly matter and deserve a voice,” she said.

We love this video she made; check it out!

Want a chance to “GoEnnounce Yourself” and win a scholarship too?  Learn more and enter here!

To all of our previous applicants – don’t worry if you didn’t win this month you still have a chance to be selected next month! Just keep “ennouncing” and inviting all of your relatives and friends to follow your education.

We choose one student on the 10th of every month.

Good luck.

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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