E-nnouncing our March Upromise Scholarship Winner

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Our “GoEnnounce Yourself” Scholarship, sponsored by Upromise, awards one student $500 each month! This award goes to a student who’s doing a great job showcasing who he/she is, by sharing school related e-nnouncement updates with Followers on their GoEnnounce Student Page. A huge congrats to Jasmin Johnson, our Upromise scholarship winner for the month of March!

Jasmin has been homeschooled at the Georgia Cyber Academy with her six other siblings since the age of 5. Jasmin is currently in the 11th grade and loves learning both Spanish and science. Aside from her dedication to her schoolwork, Jasmin is an extremely involved, active Girl Scout. Jasmin has earned her Girl Scout Silver Award-the highest award for Girl Scouts 6th-8th, is currently working towards her Girl Scout Gold Award-the highest award for Girl Scouts 9th-12th, and has been awarded the Georgia Certificate of Merit. Jasmin is also a member of Faith Club, Scrapbooking Club, and Student Council Club, has 80 hours of volunteer work, and has academic honors in American Literature, US History, and math. After she graduates high school, Jasmin wants to attend the University of Georgia to eventually become a pediatric dietitian. 

Throughout the month of March, Jasmin has updated her Student Page with academic accomplishments and progress in her extracurriculars. This month, Jasmin was selected for the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders and made the AB honor roll in her honors American Literature class. Jasmin also updated her followers about her options for prospective elective courses to take for next year and shared her anxiety of registering for the SAT’s. Jasmin also learned that she ranks in the top 5% of her school and was one of 5,000 juniors to receive a state award from her dream school, UGA. Way to go, Jasmin!

A huge congratulations to Jasmin for all she accomplished in March, and keep up the great job updating your Student Page! We know you’ll continue to excel academically and wish you the best of luck with all your extracurriculars!

Want a chance to “GoEnnounce Yourself” and win a scholarship too?  Learn more and enter here!

To all of our previous applicants – don’t worry if you didn’t win this month you still have a chance to be selected next month! Just keep e-nnouncing and inviting all of your relatives and friends to follow your education. We choose one student on the 10th of every month.

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