Do you BYOT?

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Schools across the county are asking students to “BYOT” and “BYOD.” You might be saying, “Huh?” or you might be all too familiar with the request. It means Bring Your Own Technology, or Bring Your Own Device—referring to an iPad or laptop computer. While technology can be helpful in the classroom, for some students it’s a struggle to buy a device for school.

That’s why we decided to partner with the Forest Hills School District in Ohio after they announced their “BYOT, Power Up (Empowering Learning) Program.” To offer students an alternative way to pay for their technology costs, Forest Hills School District is utilizing the fundraising powers of our platform!

With GoEnnounce, students can fundraise for their iPads, Chromebooks, and laptops on their own, by asking their family and friends for help.  What’s even cooler is that a student’s fundraiser is tied to their school profiles, so potential donors can see their school work, goals, and achievements. Plus, it gives relatives and friends the chance to incentivize a student’s education and stay connected. Then, students can update their supporters with school activity throughout the year.  That means no more selling unnecessary candy or wrapping paper to achieve the funds necessary for school expenses or extracurriculars! Now students have a way to fundraise more efficiently online by showing off their educational achievements and give donors what they really want– a sense of connection to the student.

Does your school have a new BYOT program? What do you think of it? Tell us on your student page at

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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