How important is being a “well-rounded” student for college?


By: Thrively

You’ve heard before about how “well-rounded” colleges want you to be, but that actually might not be the case. Interestingly enough colleges may actually prefer you exploring your passion to the fullest, a term known as  “well-lopsidedness” If you’re worried all your extracurriculars surround your passion, for example sports or JROTC, it may actually be to your benefit. Students who try their hand in everything may end up overcommitting themselves. Sure, this can demonstrate your ability to be balanced but it can also lead to a very stressed out student. Showing your passion in one area can demonstrate your drive and genuine interest in the subject, plus you’ll enjoy it more. Head on over to our friends at Thrively to read more on how being a “well-lopsided” student can work to your benefit!

Thrively is an online tool that helps students pursue their passions by matching them to amazing out-of-school opportunities. Thrively recommends programs all over the country to teens, from clubs to camps and everything in between. Once you complete their online Strength Assessment, Thrively will tailor your program suggestions to your strengths and interests. Find a coveted internship, an inspiring volunteer opportunity, or pre-college program that can help your resume shine, and learn about your strengths in the process. Get started with your free Thrively account here.

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