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Did you miss our #CollegeSearch Twitter chat last Thursday? No need to sweat it, we took notes for you. You can follow along with the whole conversation below and check out some really great advice on how to start your college search. We would also like to give a special thank you to all who participated in the chat, espcically College ProwlerNoodle Educationtuition.io, and CollegeXpress.

@GoEnnounce: Welcome to our twitter chat! Ask us your q’s & @NoodleEducation @collegeprowler @educationdynamics @tuitionio will answer!

@NoodleEducation: You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Start asking your questions now!

@Educaedu: We are ready for the questions

@collegeprowler: Join us with some friends to talk about the college search process! NOW! Use

@GoEnnounce: Awesome! Q1. Searching is really overwhelming! Where do I start my ?

@g_keizer: When I started looking for schools I made a list of potential majors and googled to make sure they had them all

@CollegeXpress: A1. A great place to start is always your guidance counselor’s office. Tons of resources & they can help 1 on 1.

@collegeprowler: Don’t be overwhelmed! Start w/ what you know. What schools have you heard of? What do you want to study? Etc.

@collegeprowler: A1. If you have never heard of a college, then just start browsing and keeping a record of your thoughts and ideas.

@GoEnnounce@g_keizer Good idea!

@AllGradSchools: Q1:Define goals: Wht do u want to be? Does ur career require u to graduate from a certain school? What cn u afford?

@NoodleEducation: Great idea @g_keizer! It’s always good to look at the big picture when applying to college.

@AllGradSchools: Q1: Why not start your search with a personality or career assessment? http://qub.me/7pOp_y 

@GoEnnounce: Here’s a good one! Q2. Should I plan to visit all the colleges I’m applying to?

@collegeprowler: A2. No, it’s unrealistic. Most don’t have the time and resources to visit all. Start w/ closest to u then pick “must-sees”

@TuitionIO: Smart idea @g_keizer! Google docs are also helpful in keeping track of your research!

@g_keizer@collegeprowler I had an excel sheet of the location, size, majors, extracurriculars, and distance from home

@collegeprowler: A2. For others, try to tour them “virtually”. @CollegeProwler has photos, videos, and reviews. It’s like talking to students

@NoodleEducation: Q2 You probs just need to visit your top choices. Check out our tips for visiting campuses on a budget http://ow.ly/oBxmy 

@BecomingBKLYN: I think I only visited one school I applied to— and I went there!

@AllGradSchools: Q2:If you have time and money, sure. If not visit your top choices. http://qub.me/1AEq5k 

@TuitionIO: Keep in mind the cost for going on out of state college visits

@GoEnnounce: Q3. How do I know if a school is my “safety school” or not?

@collegeprowler@g_keizer That’s a good idea!

@g_keizer: I had no idea that @SusquehannaU was where I was going until I got my acceptance letter, then I visited and fell in love

@GoEnnounce: RT @becksup: More prospective students used socialmedia in , but majority still don’t, survey finds: http://ow.ly/oABlo

@collegeprowler: A3 No real method to determine this, but look at their recent class profile and see how you compare. It will give you an idea

@AllGradSchools: Q3:Err on the side of caution; don’t count yourself in until you receive an acceptance letter.

@collegeprowler: A3 Be real with yourself. If your test scores or GPA is lacking and they want stronger stats, then it may be a reach

@Educaedu: A2. You can see all the information in sites like our http://www.educaedu.info . There you can see videos, photos, reviews

@collegeprowler: A3 It doesn’t mean u shouldn’t apply, but don’t put all eggs in one basket. So many options out there!

@NoodleEducation: A3 your safety school will be one where your grades and test scores fall well within the acceptance requirements!

@GoEnnounce: Q4. How many schools should I apply to? ?

@TuitionIO: Ask yourself what financial position you’ll likely be in after you graduate http://bit.ly/152FaUu 

@CollegeXpress: A3. If you check out school profiles on our site, compare ur grades/gpa, etc. to the current stats. Will give u a good idea!

@AllGradSchools: Q4:Don’t limit yourself; but only apply to programs you are actually interested in attending.

@collegeprowler: A4. That’s a personal choice. No limit. As many as u want, but will be a waste of time & $ if not truly interested in some

@Educaedu: A3. It depends on you goals and perspective, that´s why you should do a wide review for all options http://www.educaedu.info

@GoEnnounce: Let’s take a poll on Q4– how many schools did you apply to personally?

@CollegeXpress: A4. There’s no “magic number” but watch out because you’ll just be paying application fees!

@g_keizer@SUSQUadmissions and @SusquehannaU do you have any advice for the followers @GoEnnounce

@CollegeXpress: A4. 6, I think!

@BecomingBKLYN: I applied to 4– @syracuseu was my choice!

@Educaedu: A4. You should apply as many as you want but try to focus in you´re real interests http://educaedu.info

@iPublicPolicy@GoEnnounce In 1975, I applied to 4 colleges, accepted by 3.

@TuitionIO: A4. About 5! But I was able to get a fee waiver for each application

@g_keizer@GoEnnounce I applied to 11, most were free on the @commonapp but I do admit it was a bit of an overkill with the

@cenglar: A4: Pretty sure I applied to over 10 schools (I’m all about having a back up plan!)

@fujifulgueras: A1 Start your college search with knowing yourself – list the things you like & look for colleges that offer those things

@GoEnnounce: Next one! Q5. How do I know if a small school or a big school is better for me?

@NoodleEducation@iPublicPolicy Well that’s a pretty stellar acceptance rate – Well done! Four is a good number for students today as well.

@Educaedu: A4. I apply for 2 schools that had the exact program that I wanted to study http://educaedu.info

@CollegeXpress: A4. is key to applying to lots of schools.

@AllGradSchools: Speak with admissions counselors, maybe set up overnight visits to a large and small school and then compare your experiences

@fujifulgueras: A2 Visit the college you like most last – use the other visits as practice

@collegeprowler: A5 Visiting is the best way to know. How do you feel on a large campus or a small one? What was ur HS like?

@collegeprowler: A5 Remember, college is about learning and challenging urself. U may not think you’d like a large school, but u may love it

@CollegeXpress: A5. If you’re unsure, definitely test the waters of each with a or overnight trip to get a real feel.

@GoEnnounce: A5 @collegeprowler, so true– we think it’s all about feeling comfortable in your surroundings.

@TuitionIO: A5:See college reality check http://bit.ly/18wYBmZ  which compares cost, graudation rates, and future earnings by grads.

@Educaedu: A5. We think it depends on each one. If you can, you should just apply and figure out wich one is better for your interests

@Educaedu@GoEnnounce @collegeprowler we agree!

@GoEnnounce: Q6. So who’s the best person to talk to about picking a school, my parents? Friends? Teachers?

@NoodleEducation: A5: Talk to current students or alumni to get a sense of campus culture, to figure out if you want a big or small school!
@collegeprowler: A6 All of them. Everyone will offer opinions, thoughts, and ideas that will challenge your own. It’s ur decision in the end
@iPublicPolicy@NoodleEducation That was a long time ago, things have changed since then, wouldn’t be accepted at 2 of those schools today.
@fujifulgueras: If you are a high school athlete – join us on Wednesday nights this month for info/advice!
@collegeprowler: A6 Parents, friends, and teachers all offer different perspectives, but try to listen to ur own intuition.
@Educaedu: A4 and A5. You can try to apply to study abroad, it´s really cool to know another culture . Search here http://educaedu.info
@TuitionIO@Educaedu @GoEnnounce @collegeprowler ditto! Aside from $$$ you have to be able to see yourself going there!
@AllGradSchools: Q6:All of the above, AND speak with your guidance counselor and the colleges admissions counselors at your top choices.
@fujifulgueras: A6 Share your thoughts about college with everyone you like & trust
@NoodleEducation@ipublicpolicy it is true that admissions standards, acceptance rates and the college landscape has changed over time!
@NoodleEducation: A6. Everyone from parents and teachers to friends and siblings can help you in your !
@GoEnnounce@NoodleEducation That’s right, talk to everyone you can, including all of us! 😉
@Educaedu: Q6. All of them can give you a different perspective . You can also read advices and comments here: http://educaedu.info
@GoEnnounce: Q7. How do I find the best college for what I want to study?
@TuitionIO: A 6: All of the above! Their opinions matter, but make sure you have your own must have list. You’ll be attending after all.
@g_keizer@GoEnnounce you got to think about yourself and what’s best for you is an investment and its got to pay off
@AllGradSchools: Q7:“Best” is a dangerous term; it’s about finding the best college for u, do ur research to see which program fits u best.
@CollegeXpress@AllGradSchools well put! Everyone has a different kind of “best!”
@collegeprowler:A7 Talk to others in the field, rankings from SEVERAL sources, student reviews, and industry publications. @iPublicPolicy@AllGradSchools Agree. Fit may be more important than what you plan to study, as college majors often change in 4+ years. @CollegeXpress: A7. CollegeXpress has a great set of lists with schools that have great prgrms in tons of diff majors. http://www.collegexpress.com/lists/explore/?chapter_id=100 … @Educaedu: A7. We agree @AllGradSchools. It depends on a lot of factors. You have to do a wide research and then make your conclusions

@GoEnnounce: We’re halfway through our twitter chat, ask your questions now!

@TuitionIO: A7 The rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t incur more in than your first year’s salary. http://huff.to/14uXVfD 

@Educaedu: A7. There´s too many options around the world. I´m sure you can find a lot of “Best” . Search in http://educaedu.info

@GoEnnounce: That falls in line with Q8 anyone have tips for students picking schools who have no idea what they want to do in the future?

@GoEnnounce: A7: Come up with your dream school and talk to real students on campus to get the best perspective.

 @TuitionIO: A8: If you’re unsure about your career goal or passion, consider starting at a community college or lower-cost state school
@AllGradSchools: Q8:You may want to find a school that offers a variety of majors or one that can easily transfer credits.
@CollegeXpress: A8. Don’t worry about it! U don’t have to go to with a set major in mind. Take care of the GenEd requirements first!
@TuitionIO: A8: Community college can help work on core courses & buy you time without accruing tons of
@collegeprowler: A8 Community Colleges are great places to “stretch your wings” while you figure out what you want to do and save $$.
@NoodleEducation: A8 Pick schools w/ a variety of majors w/ Gen Ed requirements, so you can try out a bunch of subjects + see what inspires you
@TuitionIO@AllGradSchools so important! If you’re going the community college route, make sure your courses will transfer!
@Educaedu: A8. You should do a slow search to figure out about which are your real interests. http://educaedu.info
@GoEnnounce: Good thoughts all, Q9. How can a college fair help me find a school? Is it worth it?
@g_keizer@GoEnnounce I’m 22 & a college graduate & I still have no idea what I want to do. Pick a college that gives you that feeling

@GoEnnounce: RT @college_match: Baltimore Sun releases fun college guide to Baltimore area college http://ow.ly/onrnF 
@AllGradSchools: Q9:You can speak with a representative from the school in real time; and get immediate answers to your questions.
@Educaedu: A8. You can study short courses to find your interests about and save money. Search in http://educaedu.info
@collegeprowler: A9 College fairs are great! Esp if u don’t know of schools. It’s like speed dating for colleges

@fujifulgueras: A 8 Most students do not know what they want to study, they do know clubs & activities they want to do
@CollegeXpress: A9. Can’t go wrong at a college fair…you might even be intro-ed to schools u never heard of..& 1 that you might end up at!
@collegeprowler: A9 Take advantages of all the colleges in one place. It could really open ur eyes to what’s out there!
@GoEnnounce@collegeprowler Ha! If there’s one thing we’ve learned today, it’s that college fairs are like educational speed dating
@TuitionIO@collegeprowler couldn’t have said it better! Check out @idealist for upcoming college fairs

@iPublicPolicy@AllGradSchools Yes, & often there are alumni representatives giving their perspectives at college fairs.
@g_keizer: Lots of people transfer too, it’s okay to start at a community college and move on from there or transfer to another school
@Educaedu: A9. All the resources will help in some way. Online research also worth it, you interact by chat with people who study there
@collegeprowler@TuitionIO @GoEnnounce They’re such great events to attend!
@GoEnnounce: Q10 What factors are most important when choosing a school? Should cost be one of them?
@AllGradSchools@JVwrestlr @C_ream12 Congratulations! Now you can focus on next steps like shopping and paying for school!
@CollegeXpress: A10. Cost is always important but don’t let it deter you; tons of and options out there.
@collegeprowler: A10 Cost is a given! But many factors play into the decision. Location, program, job stats, scholarships, etc.
@TuitionIO: A10: YES! Some factors to consider: earnings potential, scholarship availability, and non-tuition related costs
@NoodleEducation: A10 Several factors are important, cost is def one of them. Also academics, location, size, campus life, and financial aid…
@GoEnnounce: Just over 15 minutes left in our twitter chat, get in your questions now before it’s over!
@fujifulgueras: A10 Cost should be a factor in choosing a college – not a factor in searching for colleges to consider attending
@AllGradSchools: Q10:Ur personal goals, whether the school’s accreditation status matters to u, the cost of attendance. http://qub.me/bnbL2v 
@Educaedu: Q10. Prestige, experience in your area. Costs: there´s a lot of options all over the world http://educaedu.info
@NoodleEducation: We have just 15 minutes left in our twitter chat! Time to get your last minute questions in!

@TuitionIO: A10: Add up all the costs (rooming, food, books, fees) & look at your scholarships to get an idea of your out of pocket costs
@fujifulgueras: A10 Learn about college costs by joining us on the chat starting next Thursday night!
@GoEnnounce: Q11 Should I schedule interviews to the schools I apply to?
@TuitionIO: 15 minutes left in our twitter chat! Ready set go!
@AllGradSchools: Q11:Yes, if interviews are part of the school’s admission process. The more information u have the better!
@Educaedu: Also, to study abroad is a really good experience to study while you learning about another culture. http://educaedu.info
@fujifulgueras: A11 Interview with the college you are most interested in last – use the other interviews as practice
@Educaedu: A11. Definitely. If you can go there, do it via Skype! http://educaedu.info
@GoEnnounce: RT @MCTJunior: I applied to two and was accepted into both. Both being decent sized private schools, I had to choose then.
@CollegeXpress: A11. For the schools that do interviews, it’s always better for them to really know you as a person than a piece of paper!
@g_keizer@Educaedu studying abroad was required at my university and t was the best thing I ever did in .
@GoEnnounce: A11 Interviews are a great way to get to know a school rep and let them see your personality!
@Educaedu: Have you tried Skype interviews in ? http://educaedu.info
@BecomingBKLYN@Educaedu I haven’t! That’s a great idea though!
@Educaedu@g_keizer And if you can learn another lenguage, it´s even better! http://educaedu.info
@GoEnnounce: Q12. How do I make my application essay stand out?
@collegeprowler: A12 Be yourself. If you’re bored or feel like you’ve read it before, then start over.
@Educaedu@BecomingBKLYN Search in our site http://educaedu.info . We have offers all over the world!
@AllGradSchools: Q12:Be sincere, use good grammar, make sure you have something relevant to brag about. http://qub.me/8ircWS 
@collegeprowler: Sleep on it for a night, review, and give it to others to look at. Fresh eyes always help!
@jkfinger: Is listing people I know who went to the school helpful in my
@fujifulgueras: A12 If the college essay asks a question, answer question as simply & honestly as you can – using your own words
@Educaedu: A12. Just be yourself, use your intelligence. Although, there´s a lot off essay examples online. http://educaedu.info
@NoodleEducation: A12 Be focused, tell a good story – and no spelling mistakes! Read more tips here: http://ow.ly/oBE1K 
@fujifulgueras: A12 Read then re-read your essay for mistakes. If your essay bores you…it will bore colleges too!
@CollegeXpress: A12. We just posted a blog about how to beef up your app. Great ideas on how to stand out! http://www.collegexpress.com/articles-and-advice/admission/blog/how-beef-your-college-application/ …
@GoEnnounce: Last one, 2 parter, Q13 What should I do if I can’t afford my dream school? Are there ways to raise extra money?
@NoodleEducation@jkfinger It’s a great idea to get in touch w/ your network to get honest info on a school you’re interested in!
@Educaedu: A12. When you finish your essay, ask someone with good grammar to review it. 4eyes are better than 2! http://educaedu.info
@fujifulgueras: A13 Start your search for college scholarship monies now. Start locally by asking your school for info
@iPublicPolicy@jkfinger Linkedin is now targeting high school students with new tools like where alumni work for
@AllGradSchools: “@jkfinger careful with name drping – if it is irrelevant it may do more harm than good http://qub.me/R8xayj 
@GoEnnounce: A13 Here are some great ways to cut your college costs: http://bit.ly/1dKzt27 
@CollegeXpress: A13. Of course! Apply, apply, apply to ! Thousands go unpaid each year because no one applies so there is money!
@fujifulgueras: A13 Develop a good relationship with your dream college & ask them for info/advice on assisting with costs
@NoodleEducation: A13 There are a lot of ways to pay for college! Here are some great resources: http://ow.ly/oBEKq 
@GoEnnounce: A13 We’re offering an awesome to help out. Apply to as many scholarships as you can! http://bit.ly/15z9vqg 
@fujifulgueras: A13 Follow @fafsa for the best info on learning how to deal with college costs
@AllGradSchools: Q13: Consider transferring after earning credits at a cheaper school,or searching scholarships http://qub.me/4E_0W2 
@GoEnnounce: Give us your last tips now! We’re at the end of the hour!
@Educaedu: There are places in the world that schools are free our low costs and easy to get in! http://educaedu.info
@TuitionIO: If the non-tuition costs are way out of line compared to other schools, you might need to reconsider http://bit.ly/14v2GWp
@GoEnnounce: Thank you all for participating, it was a pleasure! Students, please feel free to send us any more questions you still have.
@TuitionIO: If you plan to teach, you’ll likely be eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness http://bit.ly/1aatHTn 
@fujifulgueras@GoEnnounce Thank you for a good chat!
@TuitionIO: 47% of defaults come out of for-profit schools. These can include career & vocational schools.
@GoEnnounce: Our pleasure! RT @fujifulgueras: @GoEnnounce Thank you for a good chat!
@TuitionIO: If you are considering a trade school look for a program at a community college rather than opting for a for-profit school.
@Educaedu: When you study a career in other language you could be belingual in http://educaedu.info
@iPublicPolicy@AllGradSchools & earning college credits in high school through AP, IB, & dual-enrollment classes.
@AllGradSchools: Hve a long trm goal in mind and make sure evry decision u make supports it! Enjoy this process it’s part of the experience
@Educaedu@GoEnnounce Thank you for the invitation. Please let us know when will you have another Twitter Chat http://educaedu.info
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