College Applications: DONE! Now Relax?

Since September you have been stressing out about college applications. Now that they are done, is it time to relax?

Even though your applications are in and you have submitted all the other supporting documents, the college process is not over yet. Here are a few things to remember before you actually start relaxing.

1. Your Grades are Still Important!

Even though your applications are submitted, you still have to pass your classes! Admissions offices still care about your performance after the applications are submitted. You don’t want to disappoint!

2. Keep Volunteering

If you were one of those students who started volunteering and doing community work to impress colleges, you better keep doing it! You want colleges to see that you have a commitment to finishing what you start, especially when it involves helping the community. Not only do you want to show them that you can finish what you start, you also want them to see that you didn’t just do it to write it down on college applications.

3. Stay on Top of Your Application Process

Although you have submitted all your paperwork and documentation, don’t assume that colleges didn’t misplace it or have it lost in the process. After a few weeks, call them and make sure they have all of your information, because they won’t be calling you! It is up to you to make sure they have received all of the documents you send out.

So, before you start relaxing and unwinding make sure these things stay a priority. It is important to impress colleges before the application as well as in the application, but the most important part is to impress colleges after your application has been submitted. Showing them that you have interests that span more than just getting into college, but that you have a passion for going to college.

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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