#BriannaAbroad – Visiting an Old Town

By: Brianna Huff

¡Hola! My name is Brianna, but friends call me Brie, like the French cheese.  I am currently studying abroad in Chile. My program is International Public Relations, History and Spanish. street view

As my time draws to a close in Chile, I decided I need to visit what my Chilean friends refer to it as a pueblo dino, or an old town. The trip was eight hours from my home in Vina Del Mar and is located in the northern region of Chile. Two hours away is the home of the Pisco, Valle de Elqui and Viana. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to visit these famous places so I decided to stay the night in La Serena and explore one of the oldest towns since Chile was established, or at least since their first stable democratic government.

front of building

There I was sent back in time with their vintage looking town. From what I observed, the architecture seems inspired by the Spanish . There were cobble-stoned streets, similar to the area I go to school in, Valparaiso. Valparaiso is another town which was developed during Chileans’ beginnings. After arriving in La Serena I mapped out the town and the activities that were available. I noticed, in the heart of La Serena, there is a Japanese Garden developed for its serenity and beauty . My parents are currently in Japan, and I thought it was only right I go and check out a duplicate of their surroundings.


That day and night I wandered the streets of the small yet large town. My friend and I meet later that night and went to the old light house by the ocean. I picked a bad day to explore the light house because that day was foggy and gray. It nearly reminded me of the beginning of a horror movie- you know, right before the attack. On the beach, I noticed there were blocks stacked in a diagonal order. I snapped a pic but couldn’t think of what it might represent. Nor did I ask the natives, so the blocks and its formation will forever remain a mystery to me.


I also took the time to visit the local churches that were built in the 30’s and still remain with the town to this day. Being the history buff that I am, I could not pass on visiting the first president of Chile’s government and their Congress building. Unfortunately, the Congress building years before caught fire and they have not had the time to rebuild that area.

I remained for a night at a lovely hostel with two old couples and my Chilean friend. I had enjoyed my time in one of the oldest towns in Chile. I was ecstatic to learn its rich history and culture, especially since my time in Chile is dwindling down. Stay tuned for next time.

 Nos vemos (See ya later),


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