Best Blogs & Vlogs to Aid the College Journey

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Everyone needs a helping hand during their journey through college. Lucky for us, we have access to these resources at our fingertips, through the form of blogs and YouTube vloggers. Whether you need some college advice, help choosing a college, or just a reason to surf through the web, these blogs and vloggers below will keep you busy!

All Things College


Chegg’s blog is a great place to learn about the ins-and-outs of college, especially finding your future career. It even has a section on how to not look like a freshman (which  I love).

The Prospect

This site by far is the best to learn all about the college admissions process! From articles about dealing with rejection, to managing SAT and ACT prep, to getting internships in college, these articles are written by people in high school and college. This is a one stop place to learn about college.


Collegeinfogeek is a fantastic site to help students “win at college”. Founded by Thomas Frank, this website is one of the best places to learn how to hack your studying skills, get a dream job, and manage your money! Frank’s blog provides students with a ton of “college hacking” info – tips for freshman year, podcasts, study music, tips for creating new habits and personal websites. He’s also gone out of his way to write his own book with loads of information. Plus, he has a YouTube channel!

Getting Ready For College


Dedicated to helping teens become financially smart, Eva takes us along her journey of understanding finances for college and the real world. She and other guest writers share some awesome tips for earning and managing money. Along with finances, she shares helpful tips about getting a job, starting your own business, and finding internships.

Unravel Education

Started by QuestBridge Scholars, this website is geared to high school juniors getting ready for the college admissions process. While some juniors may think that ample time exists between them and the college app, these bloggers are spreading the word around that the college process starts NOW!

The Collegiate Blog

The Collegiate Blog is another great site to learn more about the college admissions process! Here, you can find advice about admissions, life in college, understanding scholarships and financial aid, and more. Plus, for those worrying about the college app, they offer a mentoring program!


Need help on the SAT? Or need help finding new study tips and strategies? Well, Appsademia has your back! This upcoming senior is another go-to for help on the college app, with videos ranging from choosing extracurriculars to planning your summer! Plus, she also has a tumblr for those itching to ask her questions!

College Life & Fun’s blog on medium is a great place to learn about a specific college of your dreams – through the perspective of people who go there! There, you can read fun interviews from students asked what it feels like to attend their school, as well as five things a brochure wouldn’t tell you about it.

Brandon Hayden

For those yearning to have a glimpse at college life, Brandon Hayden has you covered! His hilarious and uplifting vlogs will take you through the ups and downs of college life. You’ll be sure to enjoy watching his vlogs about studying for exams, adventures around Atlanta, goofing off with siblings, and giving advice as a Gates Millennium Scholar.

Vlog After College

For those in college or getting ready to leave college, you might have started to wonder how your life after college might feel like. Well, VlogAfterCollege takes you with him on his adventures as he transitions to adulthood!


College isn’t fun without a good laugh, right? Well, I decided to get some help from my fellow GoEnnounce Ambassadors with this one. Among them all, their favorite YouTube vlogger happened to be the iconic, IISuperwomanII! Fellow Brand Ambassador Navpreet describes her as a “good role model for being yourself and having a positive attitude”. With her funny episodes and charismatic spirit, it’s safe to say that she does teaches us to be ourselves!

College Organization & Beauty


From her username, Gabby may seem like she’s into makeup (which is a hobby she is into), but—she also makes videos about academics in college. From “How to Get an A in Math” to “How to Write an Awesome Essay”! I personally watch her, and I believe the advice she gives out is great to those in college, as well as those getting ready for college. She also discusses her own college journey, such as deciding her major. Plus, for the girls out there, she has some awesome product reviews!

Laurie Martel

One of the most “organized” YouTube vloggers I know, lx3bellexoxo is your organization guru! With videos covering how to make planners, daily schedules, and study for exams (along with product reviews and giveaways), this youtuber’s tips may make your life a bit more put together.

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