Benefits of Taking a Gap Year Before College

By: Uncollege

Many students are nearing (or already have reached) their high school graduation, and it is a time that is equally daunting and exciting. Summer break is a time for relaxation, but it also inevitably becomes a time where students are considering their options for the future. Not having any concrete plans for post-graduation life can be a bit stressful, but it may be settling to know that there are various options out there for post-grad students, one of them being a gap year abroad.

Some of the most meaningful experiences are the ones where we are exposed to new places and cultures, and gain a sense of independence. Uncollege has put together seven more reasons that a gap year might be a great option for you, here!studyabroad_landing

UnCollege encourages students to proactively pursue their interests through learning relevant skills and gaining real world experience. It’s a three-phase program consisting of: international service learning, skill-building workshops in SF, and an internship anywhere in the world. All of this is woven together by a dedicated coach and mentors that the student works with throughout the program to identify and set personal and professional goals. The result is expedited growth on both levels.

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