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GoEnnounce is NYC based startup that provides students with a fun and easy way to track and share all of their academic and extracurricular progress year after year, while gaining access to funding opportunities! We are searching for awesome Go Ambassador Interns looking for real life marketing experiencing  from a rapid growing tech company without ever leaving school! You will also earn rewards by completing weekly marketing and social media tasks!

About You:

We’re looking for motivated, high-energy college or high school students to be a part of our flexible Brand Ambassador program and help expand our brand recognition among students and organizations at your school.


– Strong oral and written communication skills

– Naturally social with active personal social networks (i.e., active Twitter and

Facebook accounts with a strong following)

– Interest in Tech and Start-Up culture

– Self-motivated and a self-starter who works well independently and in a team setting


– Custom GoEnnounce Swag

– Great addition to your resume

– Recommendations from GoEnnounce management team

– Learn how to strategize and implement marketing campaigns

– Gain valuable knowledge on start-ups

Examples of Current Brand Ambassadors

1) A few of our Brand Ambassadors from Oasis High School gave presentations on how to use the GoEnnounce site as well as all of its awesome features.

2) A GoEnnounce ambassador provides a finals study break program that helps students unwind. There was also pizza!

Interested in becoming a Go Ambassador? Send us an email at for more info!

The GoEnnounce Team

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