Abroad101 Student of the Week #0083 – Jennifer Henley

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 1.09.12 PMA huge congratulations goes out to our 83rd Abroad101 Student of the week, Jennifer Henley! Jennifer is in her junior year at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga working towards a major in International Studies. After she graduates UTC, Jennifer plans to apply for the JET program and aspires to move to Japan for a year where she would like to teach and gain a valuable firsthand experience of its culture. If things go well, Jennifer will commit to moving to Japan permanently where she will either work as a translator or become an English teacher.

As her junior year nears its conclusion and she has come to the realization that this may be her last chance to study abroad, Jennifer has committed full effort to raising funds to spend her next academic year in Nagoya, Japan. Jennifer recognizes that this is an opportune time to study abroad and looks forward to gaining the invaluable and incomparable experience that comes with complete immersion in a foreign culture. Jennifer realizes that her current education at UTC may be limited in terms of language courses and hopes that studying abroad will broaden her education in this respect. As Jennifer plans to move to Japan after she graduates, taking Japanese classes abroad will expand her knowledge base in a way that taking classes at her current university cannot. Additionally, Jennifer acknowledges that the best way to learn a language is to spend time in a country surrounded by inhabitants who speak it as their primary language. Jennifer plans to spend the money she raises fundraising on housing, food, books and transportation expenses throughout her year in Japan. Check out Jennifer’s Mission here and help her reach her goal!

The Abroad101 Student of the Week initiative awards a student who created a Mission for a study abroad program on GoEnnounce with a donation to their fundraiser. Learn more about this partnership from Abroad101 CEO Mark Shay and GoEnnounce co-founder Melissa Davis here.

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