Abroad101 Student of the Week #0068 – Rachel Silas

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 2.44.47 PMA big congratulations to our Abroad101 Student of the Week, Rachel Silas a junior from California State – Dominguez Hills! Rachel is a mathematics major who aspires to be an actuary. Some of her other interests include intramural sports such as soccer, basketball, swimming, and even flag football. When not involved with sports she spends her time volunteering for sports teams and triathlons. She loves to find solutions to problems as well as travel which is exactly why she is planning on studying abroad in Fife, Scotland for a semester.

This opportunity has been afforded to Rachel through St. Andrews University, where she will be studying abroad for a semester. Situated in a medieval city and centuries old university she will be immersed in Scottish culture with the perks of a seaside college town. She will be able to take a number of courses towards earning her degree in mathematics including, international relations and Scottish history. During this time abroad she will be introduced to the traditions of Fife, Scotland by having experiences that range from attending elegant balls to having lunch with local families. The funds being raised by Rachel are to help cover expenses while in Scotland in conjunction with loans she is taking out to be able to afford this invaluable experience. Check out Rachel’s fundraising Mission here!

The Abroad101 Student of the Week initiative awards a student who created a Mission for a study abroad program on GoEnnounce with a donation to their fundraiser. Learn more about this partnership from Abroad101 CEO Mark Shay and GoEnnounce co-founder Melissa Davis here.

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