Abroad101 Student of the Week #0124 – Maria Flores

Congratulations to our 124th Abroad101 Student of the week, Maria Flores! She is currently a sophomore at Southeastern University, involved in Enactus which is an entrepreneurial business club. She also works at Walmart 32 hours a week and is a very hard worker when it comes to bettering herself in education and or a company or simply anything she is involved in. She wants to graduate with two bachelors one in International business and Marketing. Maria has a love for fashion and design. She wants to become a fashion buyer to get an insight of what happens behind the scenes of a fashion show and designer. Her goal is to eventually to own her own boutique all around the world and have her designs worn by the most elite in fashion.

This program will take place in the summer in Spain & Portugal for two months. The first two weeks we will be in Portugal where the study abroad course will take place. She is taking two summer classes business communications and multicultural studies. After the rest of the six weeks, she will be Interning for a big company. She will leave the 11th of June and return the 10th of August. As an international business and Marketing major, Maria wants to live abroad and experience a variety of cultures for an extended period. She can speak Spanish very fluently which gives her an advantage to network overseas. She also believes that studying abroad is once in a lifetime experience where she can gain independence and help to shape the person she wants to become. She wants to make every person who has helped her proud and will work hard for this opportunity.

However, to Study Abroad can get really expensive, and that’s why she is working part-time at Walmart and has also obtained scholarships due to her GPA that covers 1/3 of the program cost which is $2,000. She only needs $5,000 to meet here goal. The funds will be used for her airfare to and from Madrid/Portugal, Study Abroad & Internship program, and the arranged stay and food. Maria is a dedicated student and a very hard worker who will go on to make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

We wish Maria all the best in Spain and Portugal and hope that she will have a life-changing experience there!

To check out Maria’s Mission and donate to her cause, click here!

The Abroad 101 Student of the Week initiative awards a student who created a Mission for a study abroad program on GoEnnounce with a donation to their fundraiser. Learn more about this partnership from Abroad101 CEO Mark Shay and GoEnnounce founder Melissa Davis here.

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