A way to “ennounce” your graduation for FREE on GoEnnounce!

We know you want to celebrate your escape from high school, so why not celebrate this big accomplishment on GoEnnounce, for FREE! You won’t have to pay for those pesky graduation announcements (not to mention address them all), just ennounce it on your Student Page! You can share your graduation news, important takeaways from senior year, future plans, and even pics with your Followers to really show them – You are now a high school graduate! Here are some benefits of “ennouncing” your graduation on GoEnnounce:

1. You can recap everything you have accomplished this past semester!

When you create your GoEnnounce Student Page, you get to fill out a bio section.  Here you can enter all of your awards, extracurricular activities, volunteer hours, future plans, etc. Finally – a way to show off who you are as student!

Also, we know you have completed a lot of cool projects and assignments this past year.  Use your Student Page to “ennounce” and showcase these accomplishments!  You can post pictures of your report cards, college acceptance letters, and projects you’ve completed this past year to show people what a rockstar student you are!

2. Include links for your parties/invitations.

Having a grad party? “Ennounce” the details directly on your Student Page ( just make sure you have the right Followers for this one, you don’t want just anyone showing up to your grad party)! By sharing your free graduation party invitation online as an “ennouncement”, not only will your Followers get to learn more about you as Student, it’s also a very convenient way for them to REWARD you for this awesome accomplishment!

3. Get the recognition and even $$$ REWARDS you deserve!

For every “ennouncement” post on your Student Page, people can send you Likes, Comments, and Rewards. What’s a REWARD?!! It’s a way for people who you share your Student Page with to send you a monetary gift, right through our site. It’s quick and easy and goes right into your account. So much more convenient then sending out those expensive graduation announcements and having friends and family send back cards, checks and gifts. Because now it’s all streamlined online – In a place they can actually learn more about who you are as a student.  Oh and guess what – We even give you a super easy way for you to send Thank You’s back.  Get the positive encouragement you deserve for all your hard work.

4. Start fundraising for your college expenses next year!

Heading to college can be expensive! Get ahead with some of these expenses by launching a fundraising Mission directly from your Student Page. You can start a fundraiser for textbook expenses, dorm room essentials, and even tuition! If you start your fundraiser before your post your grad “ennouncement” your Followers can make your grad gift be a donation directly in to your fundraiser! They will LOVE having the opportunity congratulate you for graduation by helping you prep for college!

“Ennouncing” your graduation on your Student Page has so many benefits you can use! Your followers can learn so much more about you and they can even continue to Follow you on your educational journey. We encourage you to use your Student Page on GoEnnounce.com to celebrate your high school accomplishments and your graduation ceremony! Congrats Grads!

Have a question about how this works? Email us at info@goennounce.com

 Happy “ennouncing”!

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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