A Fundraising Success Story at American University

Giancarlo Guerra Salvá, American University Sophomore, Photo taken by- Alex Korba, American University Freshman

Interview by: Alex Korba, American University Freshman

Giancarlo Guerra Salvá, a sophomore at American University majoring in business administration, was thrilled about his trip to Montreal as a member of the University’s Model UN team.  He had only one small problem. “As I was preparing for the trip and packing my suitcase I realized I didn’t have a nice, warm coat. I had a really thin coat that worked for DC, but it was like -13 degrees Celsius over there.”

Giancarlo turned to his GoEnnounce student page to keep him warm during his travels. After posting his mission on the site, it took a mere seven hours for his goal to be met. Fellow student Alex Korba asked him a few questions to find out how he reached his goals.

Alex: Who contributed to your fundraiser?

Giancarlo: I used my fundraiser to coerce my family and close friends into using the site. I had told my parents I needed this coat. I called my parents, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins and everybody chipped in a little bit.

Alex: Do you plan on using GoEnnounce in the future?

Giancarlo: Definitely. One of the main concerns with Model UN and other school organizations is that we always exceed the budget. I plan to use GoEnnounce to fund my Model UN trips so that I can focus on training the team and not worry about the money.

Alex: What did you most enjoy about using the site?

Giancarlo: It is such a good tool that anyone can use. What I really like about the site is its marketability and its ease of use. It’s so easy to navigate.

Alex: Does your whole family now follow your GoEnnounce account?

Giancarlo: Yeah actually. My nuclear family, some of my cousins, aunts, uncles and closest friends all do now. I even convinced one of my friends back home to start an account to help fund his study abroad trip to Spain. It’s so easy to connect yourself to people.

Alex: What would you say to somebody who is considering fundraising on GoEnnounce?

Giancarlo: Number one I would tell them about the flexibility of the site. It’s not like the other crowd funding sites where you have to meet your goal or else lose all the money you collected, they also deduct anywhere between 5%-10% of total amount raised and charge the Mission creator the donors credit card processing fee. On GoEnnounce, if your goal is 1,000 dollars and you only raise 500, you not only get to keep that money but the site charges a much smaller percentage, only 3.5%. You really don’t have anything to lose.

Want to raise money for your goals like Giancarlo? Visit GoEnnounce.com and create a mission to get started.

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