Our Faves this Week – Fundraising for the Future

These passionate GoEnnouncer’s are way ahead of the game and already prepping for spring adventures.  Check them out, share their stories and help if you can.

Jada Chin

Soon to be senior at American University is taking a gap year to do some volunteer work and a journalism internship in South Africa.  Jada is a firm believer that education is very important but thinks learning doesn’t have to just take part in a classroom and is excited to head to South Africa for some serious soul searching. Being a full time college student, she has also worked numerous jobs to save up for this amazing experience but hasn’t filled the piggy bank up quite enough. Jada appreciates any support we can give her towards this awesome goal!

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Nikki Moorer

Rising sophomore at UPenn, Nikki, is ultra involved on campus. With all these clubs under her belt sometimes life on campus can get a little overwhelming but don’t worry she’s been keeping her grades up and posting them right here on GoEnnounce. One of the many organizations Nikki is part of is the Penn Philippine Association and each spring they host a cultural show called Barrio. This years costumes are going to be over the top and she’s taking matters in her own hands and fundraising to get them. Check out her fundraiser and donate if you can, she promises to post photos of these amazing costumes!

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Theresa Nelson

Upcoming junior at College of Saint Benedict, Theresa, is a Presidents Scholarship award winner and an English major.  After a grueling application and interview process,  she is proud to “ennounce” her acceptance to the Spring 2014 London Abroad Program. Not only will she be studying in London but also plans to pick up an internship when she gets there. Theresa is looking for any support she can get to get her there and promises to keep you updated with her trip by blogging up a storm. Who wouldn’t want to see her dream come true??

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 Happy “ennouncing”!

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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