7 Ways to Reduce Pre-Graduation Anxiety

Graduation: the quintessential bittersweet event in a student’s life. You’ve devoted the past four years of your life to endless hours of studying, establishing friendships, surviving drama, building relationships, and becoming a leader in all that you involved yourself in. While you’ve definitely made your lasting mark on your campus, the time has come to pass the torch to the grade below. Whether you feel ready or not, the four walls of the classroom will quickly become the next chapter of your life. If the thought of graduating from your accustomed routine seems like one of the most anxiety-provoking thoughts, here are 7 ways to reduce pre-graduation stress:


1. Write down what you want and track what you accomplish


Before the last day of the semester, jot down a list of goals for the next couple months. As daunting as planning for your future seems, you’ll thank yourself later if you start planning sooner. Keep your goals short-term, realistic, and enjoyable.

2. Do something new every day

You don’t want to remember the final days before graduation as ones spent sipping tea and binge-watching Netflix. Try to do something new, fun, and memorable each day that you may not have the chance to do once you graduate. Host a dinner party with your group of friends, go bowling, or plan a beach day-just make sure to take advantage of your free time.

3. Make the most of your last days on campus

Maybe there’s a special someone you’ve always wanted to be close to but never knew how to approach. Maybe there’s a teacher you’ve always wanted to thank or a question you’ve always wanted to ask. Maybe there’s a friendship that’s disintegrated that you’ve always felt was partially your fault. This may be the last time to do things you’ve been pushing off, so make sure you can graduate with a clear conscience and peace of mind.

4. Prepare for your future


If you don’t have even a remote idea of what you’ll be doing post-graduation, it’s probably looming over you and causing you undue stress. Try your hardest to start to get some things figured out as soon as possibly by talking to parents, teachers, counselors, and friends.

5. Record your memories

Even if you don’t necessarily write them down, think about both the best and worst times of the past four years. Your biggest struggles, your fondest memories, your best decisions, your worst regrets. Thinking about all you’ve accomplished both in school and in your social life will help reduce anxiety and give you closure.

6. Teach the ‘youngins’


This is a great way to both reminisce on your experiences and help younger students reduce the same type of anxiety that you have. If you have a younger sibling, take some time to teach him or her the way to make the most of the next four years – the best teachers to take, the worst ones to avoid, study tricks, ways to balance school and social life and even anything you regret.

7. Make time for yourself


As things get busy in the last days before graduation, do your best to find time for things that relax you. Whether it’s a yoga class or something as small as a hot shower, do what helps you clear your thoughts and takes your mind off of stress.


Graduation oftentimes is simultaneously the most stressful and exciting event in a student’s career. Try to plan ahead and be prepared for what’s coming, but above all, make sure to enjoy the final days of your semester!

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