7 Study Tips to Rock Finals Week

Want to avoid feeling like this on finals week? Here are some helpful tips! Photo taken from Indiana University.

We’re getting down to finals week… are you stressing yet? Take a deep breath, we have some last minute study tips to ensure you do your best! Give them a shot and then sit back, relax, and enjoy your winter break.

1. Make a list
Things will seem much more manageable when you have it all down on paper. Take a few minutes and write down what you need to do. Start with a couple easy ones to get yourself into the work flow. It IS manageable!

2. Prioritize
Break up your time so you can spend the most hours on what’s most important. Is there a subject you’re struggling in? A class with some extra reading? Make sure all subjects are getting the adequate attention they need.

3. Set Up your Workspace
If you’re not in a place that’s conducive to work, it’s going to be even harder to study. Make sure it’s quiet, pick some relaxing music, and organize the space around you. Make sure it’s well lit and away from possible distractions like the TV.

4. Study in Groups
Sometimes it’s hard to study alone. Having a few friends to ask questions and discuss the material with can make a big difference. Get a few people together, but keep the conversation work related!

5. Talk to the Professor
Those study hours were created for a reason! Write down a few things you have questions about and go in for a chat. If you have a paper to write, you may get some additional ideas on where to take the topic.

6. Make Flash Cards
Need to memorize definitions, facts, people, or places? Make flashcards for some key words and test yourself to see if you can recall their meanings without looking at your notes. Ask a friend to test you!

7. Take a Break
Studying for hours on end can take a toll on your brain. Make sure to schedule a few breaks to do something that will clear your head—grab lunch with a friend or go for a jog. Then go back and start fresh.

Good luck! You’re on your way to being an ace.

Meghan & Melissa Davis

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