7 Easy Ways to Keep Up with Current Events

It’s easier and quicker than ever to stay informed now, so why is it so many students don’t? Here are some tips on breaking the cycle and becoming better informed, with links from NewsTrust for some suggested sources.


Set aside some time everyday to check the news. Yes, it means breaking away from Netflix or tumblr, but it will pay off. If the idea of ever changing news makes you feel overwhelmed, only check it once a day.


Twitter is a quick way to catch the headlines. Find some of your favorite news sources and follow them for updates throughout the day. We recommend @BBCBreaking, @ABCNewsLive, and @cnnbrk.


online newsAs the internet is becoming more prominent, more networks are choosing to post their news online, along with news blogs. It’s updated throughout the day, so you’re getting the most up-to-date information whenever you check it. Try to find a reputable site; remember, anyone can start a website.


radioTurn away from your tunes for a second and turn to the news to find out what’s going on in the world. Radio news allows you to get your news while driving or multitasking. To find a station near you visit http://radio-locator.com/ .


news reporterNothing to watch on TV? How about cable news? Local stations usually only play news during certain blocks, but there are some stations that play it throughout the day.


daily showThe news often carries a stigma of being boring and hard to understand. If this is why you avoid it, have no fear, there’s an alternative to the bland. Comedy Central hosts The Daily Show and The Nightly Show.


newspaperFor the nostalgic or hipsters, newspapers and magazines provide a way of staying informed while breaking away from electronics. It’s not as up-to-date as other mediums, but it still provides good information.

Credibility in the news can sometimes be questionable, so try to get news from more than one source. Use a combination of these techniques to find what suits you best. Being informed on local, national, and international events makes you a more responsible citizen, and it can even be fun!

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One thought on “7 Easy Ways to Keep Up with Current Events

  1. I find this content helpful. I like how you point out that it can be hard to make time to stay informed, but that social media can actually be really helpful because we don’t necessarily need to go looking for it; if we follow our favorite news sources on social media, we are able to stay more informed with less worry and effort. That being said, I also appreciate your tip to stay well informed through different sources of media and news sources, because, as you said, credibility can often be questionable, and increasingly biased. Aside from the credibility issue, I think it is very important to be able to look at hard issue and hot topics through as many perspectives as I can, so that I can determine for myself what is really going on. Then, I form an opinion off of that. I find it’s been of great benefit to me to do that! This was good to read.

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