6 Tips to Rock Your Finals!

Eek! It’s that dreaded time of the year… FINALS! How’s studying going for you? It can be hard to concentrate during such a hectic time of the year, so we have a few tips to make sure you ROCK your finals this year and end on a good note.

1. Prioritize your tests. Decide which exams are going to be most difficult for you and block off more time to prepare for those. Create a studying schedule that makes sense for the order of your tests, and mapping it out will keep you more organized.

2. See your professors before the test. That’s what they’re there for! Use their office hours to your advantage—gather some questions beforehand so you can come prepared for a productive meeting.

3. Combine forces. Get together with some other members of your classes. You’ll be able to work together to get through some of your questions. Studying as a group can be a helpful way to get different perspectives on the material.

4. Create the perfect studying environment. How do you learn best? Figure out the space that makes it easiest for you to concentrate. Make it clean and organized. Find studying music if it’s helpful to you.

5. Take breaks. You might feel like you have to study for hours on end, but it’s important to take some breaks to fuel up and refresh yourself. Eat a snack, take a walk, call a friend—when you come back to your work you’ll feel better.

6. Get enough sleep. Pulling an all-nighter isn’t going to help you ace your test the next day. Your brain needs sleep so you can have the energy to do your exams. It’s tempting to stay up late studying, but we promise, it’s not worth it!

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