6 Things Juniors Should Be Doing for College – NOW!

By: Athena Owirodu

Of the four years of high school, no year is as demanding as senior year. As a junior, I’m taking the initiative to learn everything I’ll need to do to get ahead of the college game. And lucky for you, I’m sharing this advice!

 Create a List of Collegesanigif_enhanced-buzz-25667-1374094153-54

Now is the best time to start looking into what colleges you would like to attend. Why? Well, so you don’t get sidetracked by all the college application deadlines your senior year! One way I try to look into colleges is by reading at least a few of the dozens of brochures sent to me through the mail or emailed to me. By knowing what colleges you want to apply to ahead of time, you can work on or improve areas that will help each college perceive you as a competitive applicant. Plus, creating a list now may actually help you narrow down to your dream school.

Study for the SAT/ACT

studying guest blogIt is definitely time to get those SAT and ACT books open! As of today, there are only 3 test dates left for the SAT this spring- March 14th, May 2nd, and June 6th. For ACT this spring, there are only dates April 18th and June 13th left to register for. I can definitively relate to all the late comers to the game of college entrance exams, but in short, my relationship with the tests can be described as “on and off”. However, I’ve realized that these tests hold a large impact on my future, and that’s why I’m starting to take prepping for these tests more seriously. By studying and taking these test now, you’ll have more time in your senior year to tackle the college admissions process! So start studying 🙂

Apply to Scholarships

counting money

I think it’s safe to say nobody wants to be drowning in debt for the rest of their lives after college. Well, one thing that you can do to help your future self would be applying to scholarships! Personally, I’m joining the bandwagon to lower the costs of my future college tuition. There are tons of scholarships out there for everyone, whether your over 6 feet tall or know how to bird call! As a matter of fact, GoEnnounce hosts a monthly scholarship -no essay or GPA required-that you and your friends should apply to! Plus, not only do scholarships offer cash rewards, but others offer trips across U.S. (think, D.C.!) or across the world!

Be a Teacher’s Pet (in a good way)professor

Obviously, being a “teacher’s pet” is not the best label to have in high school, but try to have a good relationship with your teacher. Whether that’s asking questions in class, putting more effort into their class, or having respect for them at the least, it can really go a long way in terms of college admissions. For instance, one way I build good relationships with my teachers is by occasionally asking for their advice on projects I do outside of school, such as writing competitions or science projects. When it comes to college admissions process, many colleges require recommendation letters from your core teachers. So, make an effort to stay on your teacher’s good side!

Craft Up Your Resume


Imagine this—you’ve done all these activities over the course of your high school career, and now it’s time for you to apply to the colleges of your dreams. However, your mind goes blank after listing two or three of the activities you’ve donethroughout high school! (Trust me, I’ve had a few of those moments before). Looks like you need a simple, but effective device to keep track of your activities and rewards, in order to create a resume. Well, the answer is at your finger tips! You can use GoEnnounce to “e-nnounce” and keep track off all your major achievements and activities throughout your school career.

Start Looking for Summer Camps/Programs/Jobssummer camp

The last summer before senior year–what do you see yourself doing? Playing video games all day long, or chilling at the beach? (To be honest, I’d rather go to the beach). But if we want to get on top of the college game, we need to strategically use our summer. And one way to do that would be to pursue opportunities that cultivate our skills or talents. For instance, you could attend a coding camp to sharpen your coding knowledge! Or, you can look for a summer internship in journalism or marketing! There are tons of opportunities at our finger tips these days, and it would be a crime to not to use them.

When you sit down to fill up those apps in your senior year, give yourself a pat on the back for taking the initiative to be prepared!


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