5 Ways to Spend Spring Break at Home

Spring Break: the week where it seems like everyone is going some where warmer or more exciting. Except, perhaps, you. Stuck at home this Spring Break? Here are some ways for you to make it fun.

1. Relax


You’ve been doing TONS of work, and you deserve a break. Sleep in, watch TV, read a book, what ever lets you chill that hard working brain of yours. Check out this amazing Instagram for reading suggestions!

2. Get Some Fresh Air


The weather’s gotten nicer. Ok maybe not quite hot yet for those of you up north, but still it’s warmer. So spend some time in the great outdoors! Break away from your screens for some quality time with mother nature. Ride your bike, pick up a game of soccer with your friends, go for a picnic at the beach! Even something as simple as walking around your neighborhood is amazing in the right weather!

3. Focus on a Skill


Do you have a talent, something you enjoy doing, something you want to improve? Here’s a week for you to focus on something other than just school work. Writers, get out your pens; musicians, dust off your instruments; bakers, turn on that oven. Is there a new project you want to try? Doing something new, even making a mistake, will make your break more exciting.  Check out StumbleUpon to help!

4. Get Re-Organized


Spring cleaning! You’ve got time on your hands, so enough with the excuses. Now is a good time to get your notes together, so you’re organized for the home stretch of the school year! You’ll feel more accomplished once everything has a place.

This is also a good opportunity to sort through your clothes, git rid of what you’re not wearing anymore and donate them to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or a local charitable thrift shop! The act of kindness will make you feel good.  Plus, it gives you an excuse to see all the neat things thrift shopping.

5. Get Ahead


If you haven’t been assigned work over Spring Break, you’re a lucky soul. This doesn’t mean you should completely abandon your studies though. While it is nice to not think about school, you know what will be waiting for you when you get back. Set aside a day, or an hour a day if you work better in increments, to get ahead. Read some of the chapters you know are coming up and guess what?!?! This means less homework the week you get back to school!

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