5 Ways to Refresh this Spring

Don’t forget to use this motto while spring cleaning! Photo taken from Pennysaverusa.com.

Happy Spring, GoEnnouncers! After a long winter your backpack, dorm room, desk, and even your head could use a little refresher. We suggest setting aside some time for some Spring cleaning so you can start the season right and finish your semester strong. Try our five tips.

1. Organize your school bag

Carry a messenger bag, backpack, or even a purse to class? Take it home. Dump it out and start fresh. Sift through the papers, pens, folders, notes and toss anything that’s old or that you don’t use. Next time you need something, you won’t be digging for it!

2. Get your desk in ship shape

You’re spending hours every week working at your desk, so it should be a place that you feel comfortable at. Clean it off, scrub it down to get rid of those winter germs, and do the same thing you did with your bag. Don’t need it? Get it outta there!

3. Change up your dorm room

Sometimes a little change is good for the brain. If you can, try switching up the position of the furniture in your dorm room. You may feel refreshed with your bed facing a different wall or your books in a different place. Don’t forget to clean up while you’re at it.

4. Get Fit.

Maybe you’ve spent the summer cooped up inside. Start the spring off with a new workout regimen. Try a new class like yoga, or just start going for some extra walks around campus. You’ll feel better and have a clearer head.

5. Clean Your Email Box

Five hundred and seventy-six emails in that inbox?! Phew—that needs to change. Dedicate some time to clean out your email account and put items into folders, maybe based on class subject or by the person you’re corresponding with. A clean email is a happy email.

How’s it coming? Log on to GoEnnounce.com and tell us what you’ll be doing to refresh this spring.

Meghan & Melissa Davis

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