5 Ways to Make Your College Application Stand Out

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The college admissions process is a stressful endeavor. It’s a competitive market, and you’re being compared to students just like you all over the country. So how do you make your college application stand out among the thousands of other students’ vying for the same limited number of spots? Here are a few ways to improve your college application and land the school of your dreams.

1. Get some face time
College admission representatives sift through applications all day long, but having a face to put with an app can make a big difference. Introduce yourself to your local rep, schedule an interview, and ask her how you can improve your chances. Don’t forget to follow up with an email and a thank you card!

2. Write an awesome essay
Put yourself in the shoes of the admissions staff. They read college essays every day, many of them the same generic write-ups. Stand out with a creative piece that’s unlike any others. Work with your writing teacher to brainstorm some ideas and get some editing advice.

3. Show off some supplemental materials
If your college accepts supplemental materials, add some to the application. If you’re in sports, that could mean newspaper clippings, or it could be an art portfolio or examples of your creative work.

4. Spotlight community service
Do you volunteer or help your community in some way? Make sure to include that experience in your application. It’s a great example of your character, your desire to help others, and your interest in your community. If you haven’t been involved, start volunteering now!

5. Share your goals
Really think about this one. Why do you want to attend this university or college? Have a well-thought out answer prepared for this question and make sure to make your goals and aspirations clear in your application. Explain what you would like to do with your education, and how your degree from that institution will get you there.

If you are still feeling lost and completely overwhelmed with the college applications process we recommend you check out Edgeincollegeprep.com. Here you will be the center of attention to your very own admissions advisor where your applications and essays will finally receive the attention they deserve!

The most important thing? Be yourself— it will ensure that you find a college that is the right match for you.

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