5 Ways to Deal with Your College Roommate

Sometimes, you get paired up with the perfect college roommate—someone that seems to be your ideal match in your new living situation and maybe even a lifelong friend. Other times, you aren’t so lucky, and have to live with someone that isn’t completely compatible with you. Before you start stressing, try our 5 tips to make your living arrangements a little easier

1. Talk it all out.

The best way to deal with conflict is to sit down and chat with your roommate. Let them know how you feel about what’s transpired, what you need, and what you can do to help resolve your issues. Ignoring the problem will only lead to bottled-up stress and frustration.

2. Try to get to know him or her

Make an effort to understand where your roommate is coming from. You may better understand his or her behavior if you take some time to learn more. They may be under a lot of stress or have some personal issues they are dealing with. Listen before you judge.

3. Talk to your RA

If you’re living in a dorm, you likely have a Resident Advisor to support you. Schedule a meeting with him or her and let them know about the struggles you are having. They might have some good tips to help you cope, or even help you get a room change.

4. Find friends in the same situation

It’s likely that there are a lot of other students in your dorm that are dealing with the same stresses that you are. Support each other and you may find a new roommate for next semester!

5. Take breaks

If your roommate’s behavior bothers you, try to take some breaks from your room and spend time elsewhere. Go to the library, coffee shops, friends’ rooms, or other common work areas.  It will help you keep a cool head.

 Happy “ennouncing”!

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