5 Tips to Help Cure Your Senioritis


Ready for the semester to be over?? Push through, you are almost there! Photo taken from theasburycollegian.com.

Spring has sprung. The school year is winding down. And if you’re a senior in high school or college, you most likely have a bad case of “Senioritis,” which makes it really hard to focus on school. Here are our five tips to help keep you focused when Senioritis gets the best of you.

1. Create a new challenge for yourself. Each week, make a goal to do something you haven’t done before. You may feel like you’re coasting through at this point, but strive to attend a lecture, go to a school sports game, or see the school play to keep you focused on where you are now.

2. Help out a younger student. Put all of your knowledge about your school to good use! Help out a younger student who might need a little mentoring. Give them some tips on finishing out the school year strong, or give them some advice for managing finals.

3. Get Moving. A great way to channel all of that extra Senior energy is to work it out. Go to your school gym, run some laps after class, take a long walk at lunch. You’ll blow off some steam and feel better.

4. Talk about it. While you might be excited to move on from school, it’s also a life-changing event that can be stressful. Talk to your peers, parents, teachers, or mentors to get some advice about taking the next step. It will let out all of that pent up emotion.

5. Get Involved. Savor these last few weeks of school. You’ll never have the opportunity to go back to this stage in your life again. Get involved by volunteering on campus, taking a class for fun, or doing something artistic that you never did in years past.

Enjoy it while it lasts and good luck! Share your Senioritis experiences with us on GoEnnounce.com.

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