5 Tips for Writing an A+ Essay

If you’re in college, you may have noticed that your classes require you to write… a lot! You may have several essay assignments on your plate, which can be overwhelming. We have a few tips to cure your writer’s block and get you an A+ essay.

1. Read the Assignment… a few times.

To make sure you understand the purpose of the paper and all of its components, read the assignment several times. If you still have questions, ask your professor for more clarification. Skimming can leave you with an unclear view of what you need to do, and make it more difficult to write an effective piece.

2. Brainstorm

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about essays, it’s that the hardest part is getting started. To get your brain in writing mode, start brainstorming ideas. Write down anything that comes to mind about the topic. Make lists, word webs, and discuss the topic with your peers.

3. Outline, outline, outline

Sometimes when you start writing without any clear direction, you can end up with a rambling essay that doesn’t express the message you were going for. Make an outline to keep your essay organized and complete. Don’t skip this step, students!

4. Talk to your professor

When you have a first draft, or even just an outline, chat with your professor about your ideas. She or he might have some tips, edits, or improvements you could make to your essay. The more feedback you can get, the better.

5.  Edit.

Don’t settle for your first draft. There’s always room for improvement. Read your work aloud; ask a friend to proofread; make changes! With each reading, you’ll find more ways to make the paper better than before.

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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