Your Ideal Social Media Profile Pic


Your Profile Photo: First Impressions

The digital impression is the new first impression. Almost all forms of social media, both public and private accounts, reveal your account thumbnail (your profile picture), so take care in choosing a professional photo.  College admissions officers and future employers will check out your Facebook, Twitter, and GoEnnounce accounts before they consider you, so be careful what you post. Make a great impression by uploading your most professional picture to your social media accounts.

Here’s how to take and select the best profile pic:

  • Where to Take the Photo:
    • Make sure to snap your photo in a location that does not offer too many distractions. Try to find a plain, single-colored background that will not confuse the viewer.

    What to Wear:

    • It is best to wear a plain shirt that will not be distracting and that doesn’t clash with the background color. If the background is dark, where a brighter color to help contrast.

    How to Pose:

    • Be in the center of the picture and make sure to be the focus of the photo. Brush your teeth, brush your hair and SMILE! Try to avoid movement and blur in the photo.

Picture Quality:

  • The picture quality (also called resolution) is important! You do not want your photo to be blurry or grainy. Do your best to find a good quality camera or try to borrow a good-quality phone camera from a friend. Take the photo in a well-lit room and avoid harsh light from nearby windows or the sun. But try not to cover your face in shadows, either. Take multiple photos in each pose and choose your favorite later.

Photo Editing Tip:

  • Even if you have a great camera, you may need to edit your photos. Your computer may already have a free photo-editing program or you can find a free one online. Usually a few simple steps will improve your photo quality greatly. Using the brightness, saturation, contrast, and other photo-editing tools, you can create the ideal profile picture for your GoEnnounce Student Page!

An Acceptable Profile Photo: Alicia



Pros of a Good Profile Photo:

  • Eye contact with the viewer
  • No distracting background
  • No blurriness or pixelation
  • Even lighting and few shadows
  • Professional outfit and great color contrast

Alicia will give her future employers and college admissions representatives a great impression by posting this professional profile photo on her GoEnnounce Student Page!

Tip – the best way to great, professional looking photo for free:

  • Take advantage of school picture day! It’s a great opportunity to get dressed up and have a professional photographer take your photo.


An Unacceptable Profile Photo: Justin


Cons of a Bad Profile Photo:

  • Distracting background
  • Bad picture quality
  • Blurry and pixelated
  • Subject is too small
  • Brightness and contrast needs to be altered
  • Unprofessional outfit
  • Make sure to smile!

With this profile photo, Justin may not get into the part-time job or scholarship he is applying for! Make sure to be ahead of the game by posting a professional photo that gives the best impression and by using all these great photo-taking tips!

Don’t feel comfortable sharing your real picture on social media?

  • If you don’t want to share a picture of yourself, choose an avatar (an image that represents an individual). Choose a photo of your favorite sport or hobby; though it won’t show your face, it will still represent who you are. Remember to make sure the photo is high-quality and professional!


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  1. Make sure to take a picture of your head and have a nice smile on your face. Also make sure your profile picture is not blurry.

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