5 Student Tips to Build a Clean Online Reputation for Colleges

5 Student Tips to Build a Clean Online Reputation for CollegesScreen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.00.46 PM

With the boom of social media, many colleges, employers, scholarships (you name it!) are all turning to the internet to find about YOU! This means the importance of a positive digital presence is more prevalent than ever. Our Co-Founder, Melissa Davis, was recently interviewed by Josh Ochs from Safe, Smart & Social, on how you can start and build your clean online digital footprint. Check out her 5  TIps to Build a Clean Online Reputation for College here!

What is Safe, Smart & Social? Safe, Smart & Social provide social media assemblies to High Schools, Middle Schools and parents across the country. Their unique formula shows kids 8-18 years old how to impress colleges by turning social media into a portfolio of accomplishments to shine online. Learn more about Safe, Smart & Social here.

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