5 Fun (and Free) Things To Do This Summer

Looking for ways to stay active during your long summer break, while also not having to dip into your school savings? We put together a list of a few fun and free things you can do during these much needed days away from studying and homework.

1. Find a cool, new hiking trail

It can be difficult to get motivated to exercise outdoors on hot summer days. However, finding new spots to hike can be exciting! Use the AllTrails app to find shady trails in your local woods to stay into shape over your summer break.


2. Join a summer book club

There are a lot of ways you can join a book club. You can find lots of online book groups to help motivate you to try out some new summer reads from your local library, such as Emma Watson’s or Oprah’s Book Club. However, most places have community organized book clubs that you can attend. You can even start your own book club so that you can pick your own reads! 

3. Attend free events organized by your community

Many cities and towns put together free events for their residents especially in the summer. Look out for signs around your town that offer free movie nights, art classes, and block parties. Most cities and towns have websites, just like NYCGo, that include all the free and local events in your area that you can fill your calendar with. It is always fun to be a tourist in your own hometown!


4. Do some volunteering

Give back to your community by finding a local animal shelter, retirement community, or park in need of a cleanup, etc. Not only will this keep you active while you are given tons of free time, but you can also use this to build up your resume or college application! Check out the GoEnnounce blog for tons of information and tips for students to learn about how they can get more involved in their community and humanitarian efforts, and to learn more about our  our partner sites, VolunteerSpot and Lion’s Heart!


5. Create a new recipe out of the things you already have in your kitchen

Go through your cabinets and refrigerator, and use your creative skills to put together a meal or dessert that you have never made before! Check out Buzzfeed’s tips on how to scrap together great meals like homemade soups, sandwiches, and desserts using the things that you already have lying around!

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