5 Effective Habits Top Students Use During Exam Time

If you are a high school student, then you know that the end of the school year is finally approaching. This means you are probably thinking about how you are going stay motivated through final exams and projects, so you can finally enjoy the nice weather. To make sure you can look back on a successful school year while you enjoy your summer vacation, we have put together five habits that other successful students have to help you while you study for your final tests.

1. Make a Study Plan

Students that are successful on their exams do not let their course load overwhelm them, because they plan out how they will tackle their studying in a balanced way that avoids any cramming. Try making a list of smaller tasks, like “make flash cards”, that will help you reach a larger studying goal without seeming too daunting. You will be more likely to get your studying done if you do it in small, planned out steps than by trying to blindly tackle your studying in one sitting.Prepare a Simple Study Plan for IELTS Exam Step 4

2. Put your phone away

Avoiding using our phones can be much easier said than done, but we all know we get more done when we are free from distractions. Try giving your phone to a parent or friend for a few hours while you study so you are less tempted to go get it. There are also a lot of apps out there, like Forest, that help you stay focused and off of your phone!

unnamed-13. Give yourself a break –Go outside!

Looking at the same information for too long often causes our eyes to glaze over, and doesn’t allow us to retain the information effectively. Try studying in 20 minute to half hour intervals, taking five minutes to go outside and get some fresh air to relieve stress. This will allow you to look at studying material with a fresh perspective.


4. Eat healthy

Students who do well on tests, eat well while preparing for their tests. Our bodies have a hard time metabolizing junk food effectively, which causes us to become tired faster. Healthy snacks allows for long-lasting energy that will give you a boost when you are studying long hours. Try protein-rich snacks like hummus and veggies or apple slices and peanut butter instead of those filled with saturated or trans fats. Your body will thank you!


5. Sleep!

It is a common misconception that students who work hard, also stay up during late hours to finish studying. The reality is that successful students plan ahead so that they can get a full night of sleep, which is 7-8 hours. All-nighters should be avoided at all cost! They are a result of cramming, and they tend to cause people to preform worse on their exams than they would with a full night of rest. students-sleep-_tgqh


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