5 Cool Education Apps We Love

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Our smart phones help us get the latest news, weather, social media updates, emails, and text messages, but they can also help us in school too. There are plenty of awesome apps to keep your school life running smoothly, so we picked out five of our faves to share with you.

1.School Helper

If you’re the kind of student who needs a little help staying organized, make sure to download this app ASAP. You can keep your schedule in there, a timetable for projects and assignments, and even keep track of your grades.

2. Quizlet

There’s no need to spend time making flash cards for studying when you have Quizlet. Whether you’re learning a language or have to memorize some complicated math equations, this app offers 15+ million flash card sets. It’s super easy to study on the go (even if you don’t have internet connection), and did we mention it’s free?

3. Graphing Calculator

It seems like there’s always a math credit that we have to get through to complete major requirements. And who wants to spend over $100 on a graphing calculator for that? The Graphing Calculator app can turn your phone into one! It offers all the features of a graphing calculator, and with a $1.99 price tag, we’ll take it!

4. Dragon Dictation

When you’re taking notes in class, do you ever wish the professor would slow down so you can catch up? Dragon Dictation is here to help you out. It has a voice recognition system so you can take notes without missing a thing. It’s also a huge help when creating study guides or assignments.

5. Penultimate

For all of the visual students out there, we know how hard it can be to sit down and study from a textbook. That’s why Penultimate is here to help turn your notes into a visual aid. Draw. Sketch. Make some diagrams. All those things you aren’t supposed to do in your expensive textbook. Plus, you can organize your notes by subject, so you won’t lose anything.

What apps are you using to be more successful in school?

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  1. Thanks for your post. I often read review and use some apps recommended. Some are good like Superflashcard. I tried and installed it for 5 months. I first search flashcards and see how others create flashcard, then make my flashcards. I can use them for all my subjects and prepare for my exams. I think it can be added here

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