2015 Prom Do’s and Don’ts

Prom 2015 is upon us. We know you want to make this night memorable, so here are some of our tips to make sure it’s a night to remember!



Ask your date out ahead of time – waiting till the last minute will usually end in a no. Figure out a creative way to ask. Here are 24 cool ideas for some inspiration. Or head to Twitter, get a 100,000 retweets and take your favorite celeb, like this senior did!



Stress out about not having a date. Find other friends that are going solo and make it a group affair!


Purchase tickets ahead of time. You don’t want to do all this planning and forget to buy a ticket! Talk about having a case of FOMO….



Dress for the occasion. Be classy. Follow your school’s dress codes- you don’t want to be sent home! Here’s what it’s in for guys and gals this prom season.



Wait to find a dress or rent a tux. The size you need inevitably runs out first!


Make sure to try on your dress or tux to make sure it fits perfectly, before you run out of time to take it to the tailors.


Choose a shoe that compliments your outfit, but make sure to break them in first by walking around the house first. Ladies, not used to heels? Bring some flip-flops for dancing.


Mix jewelry. Stick to one base color- silver or gold. Here are some tips for accessorizing.



Make appointments for hair early, you don’t want to be scrambling around town trying to find a hairdresser the day of prom! Also, figure out which style you’ll want done.


Try make-up ahead of time to find what suits you best. Also, remember to bring extra make-up for touch ups.




Forget your date’s corsage/boutonniere! It’s important to order these from a local florist ahead of time. Make sure the flower color compliments your date’s outfit!


Forget ride arrangements- there and back. Sort out who you’re carpooling with or if you’ll be renting a limo with a group.



Take lots of pictures. Plan a pre-prom gathering for photos with your closest friends!


Wait till the last minute. The longer you wait, the more stressed out you’ll be, and the harder it will be to get things done.



Have fun! Dance the night away with your friends and try to make the night drama FREE!

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One thought on “2015 Prom Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Thanks for the post! I knew about the corsage but I didnt know what the boutoniere was called. I agree, it is good to plan things ahead of time. The last thing you want is to forget something or be late. Your post really helped me for this year.

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